The biggest adventure of your life

Feel loved and supported

One of the best advantages of working with Carla’s Au Pairs is the amazing bond you will have with us and the exceptional before and aftercare service we provide. All of our team members are there for their Au Pairs from step one of your application process until you step on the plane and beyond! We are always here for a chat or if you need advice or help while abroad. We want our Au Pairs to feel loved and supported. You will be part of our CAP family.

Another benefit is our awesome exclusive pre-departure talks and goodie bags!

You will have an in depth chat with your agent in person before your departure to help you with any last minute questions you may have. You will receive a pre-departure checklist, a pre-departure manual and some amazing travel goodies that will make your journey easier. All of this specially created for you and all for free! We want all of our Au Pairs to feel prepared and relaxed before embarking on the biggest adventure of their lives.

Why should you choose Carla’s Au Pairs?

Airport visits from the team

Exclusive pre-departure goodies

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