CAP Exclusives

We are family!

Here at Carla’s Au Pairs, we strive to form lasting bonds , not only with each Au Pair, but also within our team. We help and support each other as a team. Long live Carla’s Au Pairs Family!

CAP Family

Become part of our Sisterhood!

They travel, they meet new people, and they make friends of different nationalities along the way.

But somehow, our CAP Au Pairs always find their way back to each other!

Some of them meet at our training and orientation days. Some meet during their flight to New York City. Others make plans to meet up with fellow Au Pairs in cities like Paris or Amsterdam. They support each other and form a lifelong bond.

Carla’s Au Pairs have a strong Sisterhood bond and we are blessed to only have the best Sisters!

See what our Pre-departure goodies look like!

Carla’s Au Pairs VIP Club

We love to see young women grow and blossom during their year abroad. We make a commitment to stay in personal contact with each Au Pair we send abroad & even after their exchange year, they are still important to us. This is why we created the Carla’s Au Pairs VIP Club.

We regularly invite these dynamic ladies to our training and orientation days to share their experiences as a CAP Au Pair with prospective Au Pairs.

What can be better than hearing real stories from previous Au Pairs?

We are super proud of each CAP VIP. Their journeys have inspired us as well as many, many others around them!

Monique’s VIP Video

CAP Ambassador

As an Au Pair abroad, you are adding to the beauty of cultural exchange.

You immerse yourself in another culture, learn their ways of eating, driving and even speaking .

Each one of our CAP Au Pairs is an ambassador for South Africa, representing their culture, themselves and us.

Thank you for making the world a better place and contributing to the beauty of cultural exchange.”

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